Correctional Center

The Stutsman County Correctional Center is a Class One jail with an 84 bed capacity. It has an Attendant Care / Safe Bed program providing at-risk youth short-term housing. There are 32 employees at the center, and the facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chad Jackson was hired as the Jail Administrator in March, 2014. Darin Goter is Deputy Administrator. The operations of the Correctional Center are mandated by the Governing Authority Board, which is comprised of two County Commissioners, two City Council members and a citizen at large. The board meets monthly in the Stutsman County Commission Room located in the Courthouse.

The Correctional Center can be reached at (701) 252-7436 or by fax at (701) 251-6252. The jail is located on the second floor of the Stutsman County Law Enforcement Center, at 205 6th St SE, Jamestown.