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Allcock, Travis, James11/21/198310/31/2017Kidder County Criminal Mischief, Poss of Drug Para (Meth), Poss of Stolen Property (4 counts), Theft of property, Unauthorized Use of Personal ID Info, Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle$2,000.00
Allen, Kayla, Jo2/2/199011/29/2017Stutsman County Delivery of CTRL Sub (Meth), FTA-DUS, Probation Violation, Theft$300.00
Almklov, Cory, Allen11/20/19809/28/2017Stutsman County COC - FTA on an Aggravated Assault Charge, Possession of Schedule 2 Narcotic, Possession of Stolen Property, Prob Rev on Assault$500.00
Andracki, Dawn, Marie11/22/196611/1/2017Stutsman County Poss of Drug Para-Meth, POSS w/Intent to Delivery Meth, Theft of Property$200.00
Angelle, Michael, Lee3/8/196811/27/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Babineau, Cameron, Lee9/8/197212/7/2017Stutsman County FTA-Protection Order Violation, FTA-Violations of Restricted Licenses$1,000.00
Beavers, Reed, P12/13/198212/1/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Berens, Nicholas, William3/19/198612/1/2017Dickey County FTA - Assault, FTA - Criminal Mischief, FTA - Menacing$1,000.00
Bjornson, Melissa, Ann8/25/198011/27/2017Stutsman County Theft of PropertyN/A
Black Cloud, Lyman, Joel8/11/198212/5/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Blinsky, Richard, Martin8/24/198512/7/2017City of Jamestown COC-24/7 Violation (PBT), COC-FTA on Court Trial for 24/7 Violation$500.00
Bohl, Zebadiah, Hugo Wade6/7/197912/10/2017Stutsman County Poss of CTRL Sub (Marij), Poss of Drug Para (Marij), Poss of Drug Para (Meth)$500.00
Braun, Christopher, Alan8/21/198310/5/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Brunelle, Jessica, Rae7/27/199011/27/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Cassista, Sandra, Ena5/23/198710/12/2017Stutsman County Poss with intent to deliver (Cocaine), Poss with intent to deliver (Marj)$50,000.00
Cavanaugh, Brody, Jade2/6/199411/30/2017Eddy County Probation Violation$1,500.00
Clark, Jesse, Allen12/13/197810/30/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A
Coffman, Christie, Lynn9/30/197611/29/2017Parole/Probation Probation Violation-Child Neglect/Abuse, Probation Violation-False Reports to L/E$1,000.00
Crow Ghost, Leonard, Duane10/29/199612/5/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Cruz, Esther, Marie10/3/19849/27/2017District Court COC-FTP Child Support, Poss. of Drug Para (Meth)N/A
Curry, Vernon, Shawn12/27/198010/31/2017U.S. Marshalls USMN/A
Davis, Gregory, Neil9/12/197810/31/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Decoteau, Rochelle, Ann3/30/198310/31/2017Stutsman County COC-FTA COC, COC-FTA Shoplifting, FTA (Criminal Conspiracy), FTA (Poss CTRL sub and drug para), Shoplifting/TheftN/A
Deese, Cody, James1/20/199112/1/2017Stutsman County FTA-Criminal Conspiracy, FTA-Theft of Property$500.00
Diaz, Bethany, Nicole9/16/199912/9/2017City of Jamestown Simple Assault - DomesticN/A
Dockter, Shane, Alan3/2/19745/24/2017Stutsman County Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Felonious restraint, Reckless endangerment, Terrorizing, Theft of property, Unauthorized use of M/V$100,000.00
Flying Horse, Morris, NMN6/10/197111/21/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Foondle, William, Mark9/28/195710/24/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Fruetel, Travis, John3/31/198312/5/2017Stutsman County 24/7 Violation (Drug Patch), FTA - Poss. of CTRL Sub - Meth, FTA - Poss. of CTRL Sub - MJ, FTA - Poss. of Drug Para - Meth, FTA - Theft of Property, Poss w/Intent to Deliver (3 counts), Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), Possession of Controlled Substance (Marijuana), Possession of Drug Para (Other than Marijuana -2 counts), Possession of Marijuana Para$5,000.00
Garcia, Jonathan, 7/13/198212/1/2017U.S. Marshalls USM holdN/A
Goodroad, Nathan, Gerald11/10/198612/7/2017District Court Probation Revocation-Poss of CTRL Sub (Meth)N/A
Grant, Angel, Leah Dawn6/9/199112/1/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A
Grant, Walter, Joseph3/1/19577/24/2017Stutsman County Aggravated Assault, Burglary-Nighttime, Felonious Restraint, GSI, Terrorizing, Violation of Protection Order$250,000.00
Guthmiller, Dakotah, Wayne4/9/199211/17/2017Stutsman County COC- FTC (FTP $675 and serve 10 days), COC: FTS Jail Time, DUI/APC, FTA (Poss of Drug Para), FTA (Theft), FTA (Theft, Criminal Conspiracy), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Meth (2nd Offense)$675.00
Gutierrez, Julio, Gabriel8/16/198812/1/2017U.S. Marshalls USMN/A
Hagen, Adam, Lee12/14/197611/29/2017Stutsman County COC-FTP Child Support, FTA- DUS, FTA- Felon in Poss of a Firearm, FTA- Poss of Drug Para (2 counts) and Poss of Ctrl Sub, Probation Violation-Poss of Drug Para$5,000.00
Herman, Crystal, Marie10/13/197911/8/2017Eddy County Accomplice to Murder$1,000,000.00
Herold, Kimberly, Ann11/15/197212/8/2017Stutsman County Poss of Drug Para, Poss of Schedule IV Drugs, Violation of Restraining OrderN/A
Holt, Devany, Marit4/13/199411/15/2017Stutsman County Probation Revocation - Possession of ClonazepamN/A
Hondl, Gene, Vincent6/20/195811/27/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Humann, Glenn, Matthew8/21/19718/22/2017Kidder County Disorderly Conduct, Distribution of Intimate Images without or against Consent, Harassment, Violation of a Protection Order$750.00
Jackson, Mario, Tarrell10/12/197910/30/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A
Johnson, Daniel, Jay6/23/198610/24/2017District Court Delivery of a CTRL Sub (Meth)N/A
Larson, Bryan, Lee2/26/19878/2/2017Municipal Court 24/7 Violation, COC, Criminal Vehicular Injury, Driving under Suspension, DUI, Ingesting a Controlled Substance$162.00
Lee, Joshua, Lewis8/10/198512/1/2017U.S. Marshalls USM holdN/A
Lopez, Shawnee, Kaye1/2/199810/30/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Lowseth, Ty, James7/9/19929/8/2017Eddy County Criminal Trespass, Simple Assault$5,000.00
Maley, Chad, Eric11/4/198112/4/2017Stutsman County Probation Violation$5,000.00
Mandan, Madison, Kay5/26/199912/8/2017Municipal Court MICN/A
Manny, Rick, Ardell1/9/196311/27/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Mcleod, Alrick, Ricardo9/12/198510/31/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Metzger, Diamond, Nehemiah11/30/19986/11/2017Stutsman County GSI, Luring Minors by Computer or other Electronic Means, Possession of Certain Materials Prohibited.$10,000.00
Miranda, Sergio, Angel3/30/199610/30/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Moore, Ashley, Marie5/25/198812/1/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A
Nygaard, Scott, Dean4/20/19688/11/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Radermacher, Jonathan, Jay6/14/198812/1/2017Other DUIN/A
Rogers, Lemont, Maurice8/21/197410/31/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Schmidt, Kevin, Dean10/27/19828/28/2017Stutsman County Burglary, False Info to L/E, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Probation Violation (Rule 32), Theft of Property$10,000.00
Schweitzer, Brandon, Jerome9/18/198911/22/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A
Southam, Brian, Kim5/23/197910/30/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A
Steiner, Michael, Franklin4/13/19858/19/2017Stutsman County Aggravated Assault - Domestic, Disorderly Conduct, GSI, Ingesting a controlled Substance, Simple Assault - Domestic (2 counts), Terrorizing, Violation of No Contact Order$15,000.00
Strahan, Ricky, Dean11/24/195811/21/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Taylor, Terrence, Terrell8/21/197612/9/2017Stutsman County DUI (3rd in 7 yrs), DUR, Poss Drug Para - Marij, Poss of Ctrl Sub - Marij$500.00
Urbatsch, Casey, Lee11/25/198410/31/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A
Weber, Ashley, Alexandra Marie12/6/199212/6/2017Municipal Court COC - FTP BackfinesN/A
Wherley, Rose, Marie10/27/196711/14/2017District Court Simple Assault, Violation of Order Prohibiting ContactN/A
Xiong, Chong, Pao4/26/198312/6/2017Stutsman County poss of ctrl sub (meth), Poss of Drug Para (Meth)N/A
Zinck, Gary, Frederick Jr7/13/197510/22/2017Parole/Probation Parole Hold, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Probation ViolationN/A
(Total Inmates: 68)