Social Services

Adult Services

Services are provided to adults who are frail, elderly, physically ill or disabled, seriously mentally ill, and to adults who may have a personality disorder, cognitive impairment or abuse substances. Services are also provided to families or care givers of such adults. The primary goals are to ensure that the least restrictive environment is provided, to prevent abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation, and to promote self-care and independent living. The service may be provided directly by Stutsman County staff or through the use of county authorized QSP’s – Qualified Service Providers, or authorized family members.

In-home services are funded for the purpose of maximizing independent living for individuals choosing such services in lieu of long-term care in a nursing facility. Services are funded by the Service Payments for the Elderly and Disabled (SPED) Program, Expanded Sped Program, Targeted Case Management or the Medicaid Waiver. Services include:

Enviromental Modification: An in-home evaluation to identify adaptive devices, equipment or modifications, which enhance in independence and functional capabilities of individuals who may otherwise be unable to remain in their home.

Adult Day Care: A program of social and related support services for individuals, age 21-years and over, provided on a regularly scheduled basis on or more days per week.

Adult Family Foster Care: Includes the provision of 24-hour room, board, supervision, and other cares as designated to an adult who is determined to be unable to function independently, or who may benefit from a family home environment. The care is provided in a licensed private home.

HCBS Case Management: The provision of specialized assistance, based on the results of a comprehensive assessment for the individual desiring and needing help in selecting or obtaining services and in coordinating the services.

Chore Services: The provision of one time, intermittent or occasional home tasks, including house cleaning, minor home maintenance, minor home repair, select installation, and walk maintenance.

Family Home Care: The provision of room, board, supervisory, and personal care on a 24-hour basis by the spouse, parent, adult child, adult sibling, grandparent, adult grandchild, adult niece or adult nephew. Persons who are in-laws can also be considered. Care can be in the client's or caregiver's home.

Homemaker: The provision of non-personal care tasks such as housekeeping, laundry, and shopping, and which enable the individual to maintain or develop independence needed to remain at home.

Personal Care (previously known as Home Health Aide): This program provides a trained person to perform and teach basic health care tasks in the home of the individual receiving the care. These basic health care tasks include: taking temperature and blood pressure, giving tub and bed baths, shampooing, bed positioning, range of motion and skin, mouth and foot care.

Non-Medical Transportation: The provision of transportation that enables the individual to access essential community services such as grocery or pharmacy in order to maintain themselves in their homes.

Respite Care: The provision of temporary relief to the individual's primary caregiver for a specified period of time. The caregiver is relieved of the stresses and demands associated with continuous daily care.