24/7 Sobriety Program

Stutsman County is a provider of the 24/7 Sobriety Program. The Program was first established during the 2007 legistlature. In 2009 the program was expanded statewide, adding participation in the program as a condition of parole & probation, and providing for a temporary restricted driver's license for purposes of participating in the testing.

The program affects individuals arrested for a second or subsequent DUI occurring on or after January 1, 2008. Judges in the participating judicial districts will, in the case of second or subsequent DUI arrest, issue a bond order requiring the arrestee to refrain from alcohol use and to show up twice each day between certain hours at a specific location for a breath alcohol test. The individual pays $1.00 each test ($2.00 per day) to offset the costs of testing. If the individual's test registers any alcohol use then he or she is immediately taken into custody. If the arrestee fails to show for testing, bond is revoked. The court may also order remote electronic alcohol monitoring in select cases. Participation in the 24/7 program may be required as a condition of parole & probation, for any violation where drugs or alcohol may be involved, or in cases involving domestic abuse, or abuse/neglect of a child.

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