Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) Program

EHM is a program of the Stutsman County Correctional Center, which serves inmates in Stutsman County and surrounding communities. Placement on the EHM program allows you to complete your jail sentence at home. You will need an eligible residence. This program is a PRIVILEGE and serving jail time on EHM allows you to maintain your job while continuing to earn a living.

To be eligible for EHM you must be serious about completing your sentence in a cooperative and positive manner. Should you become uncooperative you will be terminated from the EHM program and return to the jails population.

The program rules are designed to ensure accountability. Please read these rules carefully and completely so you will know what is expected of you.

We currently monitor EHM through the use of GPS tracking units. The movements and travel of all EHM inmates will be reviewed daily for compliance with program rules.

Inmate Intake

As a part of the intake procedure, staff will take your personal information and prior history. You will be required to pass a UA and Alco scan. This is necessary for staff to determine your appropriateness for EHM.

Fee Payment

We require that you pay your sentence up front for how many days you are sentenced at $13.00 per day and a $50.00 hook-up / disconnect fee.

Program Denial

The Stutsman County Correctional Center retains the right to terminate, suspend, or deny program participants. You MUST report to the Correctional Center within 24 hours of being sentenced between the hours of 8:00 AM - Noon, in order to apply/register for EHM. Failure to do so may result in you being denied entry into the program.


We require you make a $50.00 deposit prior to ordering your EHM bracelet. This deposit will be applied to your initial payment. If you are not placed on the program for causes such as fail to appear, positive UA, drinking, etc. the deposit will be forfeited. This will be used to defer the cost of equipment rental.


While on the EHM program, you will be checked at your place of employment and at home by officers at random times. You are allowed up to 30 minutes travel time to get to and from your place of employment, any stops must be job related. Abuse of these privileges could result in removal of the program.


Each inmate is required to read and sign an agreement to comply with program rules and regulation. The signed copy will be maintained in the inmate’s permanent file along with any other pertinent information. Signature on the agreement constitutes understanding of, and willingness to comply with all program requirements.


Employment must be verifiable, and MUST BE VERIFIED PRIOR TO BEING INSTALLED ON THE PROGRAM. Your employer must be registered to do business in ND. If self–employed you must be licensed with ND, and be able to provide a copy of the previous years filed tax records indicating your self-employment status. You will not be allowed to be employed or employ someone on a SCCC program.

More Information

To view the entire handbook for the EHM program please click on the appropriate link listed to the right under the 'Quick Links' section.

If you have any questions about the program you can contact Sgt. Jessica Hartman, Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM at (701) 252-7436 ext. 6100.