This portal will allow you to submit both new IT-related tickets as well as keep track of the progress and resolutions to tickets you have previously opened.

Need help? To open a new ticket you can click on the following submit a new ticket link or simply send an e-mail to and our system will automatically create a ticket for you. To view existing tickets you can follow the 'Tickets' link located in the top right of the page.

Tips for submitting a ticket:

  • Don't open a ticket simply stating "Give me a call." We will be using this portal to not only track issues and tasks we perform as techs but also to identify the solutions that ultimately lead to a resolution for each ticket.
  • Be descriptive as possible. If you're having an issue with an application - what were you trying to do? Can't print? Let us know which printer you were trying to connect to. The more details, the better!
  • If applicable, include screenshots. Our new portal includes a field to upload pictures.