We are aware of an issue with users not being able to log into or connect to Microsoft Teams. It is a global issue at Microsoft and they are aware and researching. Currently, there is no estimated time to repair but this post will be updated as soon as everything is 100% operational again.


Helpdesk Changes

In preparing to switch all County e-mails over to addresses we have also switched over the helpdesk e-mail from to If you use the e-mail option to submit tickets please update your address book to reflect this change.



The State and ITD are currently experiencing a wide variety of issues with internal websites as well as e-mail.  Since this is unscheduled there is no time frame as to when it will be fixed yet.


The issues that were affecting wireless connectivity throughout the Courthouse and LEC have been resolved as of Noon today.

The State will be doing scheduled maintenance on NetMotion MFA between 5:00-7:00 AM on 05/09/2017. This will effect mobile connectivity for the Sheriff's Office.


This morning, Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, there were issues preventing e-mail from being sent from all of the copy machines as well as our voicemail system. The issue was resolved at 10:20 AM. If you continue to have issues please open a support ticket.


2017 E-mail Changes

Beginning January 1st, 2017 all e-mails that originate from outside the ND State Network (eg. Gmail, Yahoo, will feature a warning banner. This is simply there to remind users to be careful upon opening attachments or clicking on links unless they know the sender and everything looks legitimate. 

The new banner follows industry best practices and was designed in collaboration with the EA Security Architecture team and the ND IT Coordinators Council.

Below is an example of the banner:

Last week all ND Pioneer E-mail users were sent out e-mails on the upcoming server changes being made at the State. The official live date has now changed from December 18th or January 15th. Please make sure to follow the instructions sent in the previous e-mail. The State still has instructions located at

On December 18th, 2016 the State of ND will be upgrading the Pioneer E-mail server. This will require all end-users to update a few server settings within their Microsoft Outlook clients as well as any mobile devices. For step-by-step guides you can visit

Although the steps are fairly straight-forward, if you run into any issues or have questions feel free to open up a support ticket.



New IT Assistant

Jason Linz has been hired as the new IT Assistant and his first day will be Monday, May 9th. Please welcome him aboard! 

As of 10:30 AM on 03/31/2016 the State of ND is experiencing issues with the Pioneer e-mail server. Since this is unexpected downtime I am not certain of a time everything will be back up and running but will update this post once I have new information.

Update: At 12:25 PM on 03/31/2016 service was restored.


Up & Running

Welcome to the new "one stop shop" for your IT needs. With the ever growing number of service calls I decided it was time to take a more professional approach to handling these requests.

Although change is sometimes difficult, I truly believe this will benefit everyone involved. Previously I was getting requests for support from multiple mediums including in-house phone, e-mail, Skype, mobile phone, text message, random conversations in the hallway or walk-ins in my office. Needless to say it was a chore trying to keep everything organized. Not only will this new helpdesk allow me to keep track of all requests in one location but it will also keep you, the end user, up to date on the status or resolution of your ticket.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask!

Josh Smaage
Director of IT