Information Technology

Josh Smaage was hired as the County's Director of Information Technology in December, 2007. He is responsible for installing, supporting and maintaining both computer systems and servers for the Stutsman County Courthouse and the Law Enforcement Center, as well as the City of Jamestown. He is also both the County and City's webmaster. Smaage was awarded 2014 IT Innovator of the Year by the Information Technology Council of North Dakota for his work on the County's website. Jason Linz was hired as the IT Assistant in May, 2016.

Stutsman County purchased its first computer in 1981 which handled the Real Estate Tax System, Payroll and Financial Systems. Since 1983, when the Law Enforcement Center opened for operation, the computer system has become a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year operation with someone on call at all times. At the present time the County has 175 workstations and multiple servers with duties ranging from data retention to records management and computer assisted dispatch.

The office is combined with the Auditor's Office and is located on the main floor of the Stutsman County Courthouse, 511 2nd Ave SE. You can also reach the office by phone at (701) 252-9035.