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Aldinger-Cross, Amber, Lynn3/29/19839/14/2018District Court Criminal Tresspass, Theft of Property, Unauthorized Use of a Motor VehicleN/A...X
Anderson, Curtis, James4/4/19889/29/2018District Court FTA- Revocation Hearing, Poss of CTRL Sub, Poss of drug ParaN/A...X
Bell, Terrance, Darnell5/21/19887/12/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Bergman, April, Elizabeth11/1/197611/15/2018Parole/Probation Parole HoldN/A...X
Carow, Aaron, Lee5/24/199310/30/2018Stutsman County Probation Violation$1,000.00...X
Chavez, Kenneth, Christopher7/7/197911/15/2018Stutsman County MN DOCR HoldN/A...X
Christ, Steven, Ray3/18/197011/15/2018Dickey County Driving under Revocation/Suspension, DUIN/A...X
Clemens, John, Henry7/25/196210/4/2018District Court Disobedience to Court Order-24/7 Violation (DP), Poss Ctrl Sub - Meth, Poss Drug Para - Meth$5,000.00...X
Cruz, Esther, Marie10/3/19848/11/2018Stutsman County Criminal Conspiracy, Drove In Violation of Restrictions, DUS, FTA on Poss CTRL Sub, FTA on Poss Drug Para, Unauthorized Use Of Personal Identifying InformationN/A...X
Curry, Vernon, Shawn12/27/19809/18/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Daugherty, Karri, Marie5/2/19907/11/2018Foster County COC-FTC Community Service, FTA - Breaking into a Vehicle, FTA - Burglary, FTA - COC - Child Support, FTA - Criminal Conspiracy, FTA - Criminal Facilitation, FTA - Criminal Mischief, FTA - Theft of Property, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug para, Refusing to Halt$5,000.00...X
David, Victoria, Charlene3/26/199811/14/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Dejesus, Lazaro, Larry7/4/19689/14/2018District Court DUI (3rd or more in 7 years), DURN/A...X
Delong, Danny, Jay4/10/198411/8/2018U.S. Marshalls Hold USMN/A...X
Duley, Larry, Keith3/20/197110/18/2018Stutsman County Ingesting CTRL Sub (Marijuana), Ingesting CTRL Sub (Meth), Poss Drug Para (Meth), Poss of CTRL Sub (Marijuana), Poss of CTRL Sub (Meth)$500.00...X
Fitzpatrick, Bryant, Jay2/16/19788/19/2018Stutsman County Child Abuse, Manufacturing of a CTRL Sub, Poss Ctrl Sub w/Intent - Marij, Poss Ctrl Sub w/Intent - Meth, Poss Drug Para- Marijuana, Poss Drug Para- Meth, Poss of LSD$40,000.00...X
Gonzales, Guadalupe, Mora7/16/19719/21/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Grager, Brandon, Dean5/27/198611/1/2018Foster County DUI, DUS (4th or Subsequent Offense), Fleeing or Attempting to Elude LE (Subsequent Offense), FTA - Burglary, Parole Violation, Poss Drug Para - Marij (Subsequent Offense), Reckless Driving$750.00...X
Graves, Travis, Shawn10/22/198611/15/2018Stutsman County DUI-2nd in 7 yrs w/ Minor$1,000.00...X
Gray, Akil, Junnei7/14/199010/24/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Guthmiller, Dakotah, Wayne4/9/19929/19/2018District Court DUS, Probation Violation$500.00...X
Haakenson, Hunter, James9/10/19968/26/2018District Court DUI 3rdN/A...X
Hagen, Blake, James7/2/199110/24/2018District Court DUI, DUSN/A...X
Hansen, Gabriel, Joseph4/25/197910/31/2018District Court Failue to Halt, Prob Rev- Poss Drug Para (Meth)N/A...X
Hart, Dustin, James5/11/19799/21/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Heart, Caleb, Ray9/8/199111/8/2018U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Heidebrink, Curtiss, Matthew3/29/198811/16/2018District Court FTA, FTS 45 Days Served, Probation ViolationN/A...X
Herold, Kimberly, Ann11/15/197211/15/2018Stutsman County Poss CTRL Sub - Hydrocodone$500.00...X
Hoff, Kevin, Michael7/9/19905/12/2018Stutsman County Murder (Intentional)$500,000.00...X
Hurley, Nicholas, Dudley12/18/198310/8/2018District Court Criminal Mischief, Poss of CTRL Sub, Poss of Drug Para, Probation Revocation Felon in Poss of Firearm, Probation Revocation Theft of Property (3 Counts) and Felon in poss of FirearmN/A...X
Jenson, Jessica, Yvonne3/12/19788/19/2018Stutsman County Child abuse, Delivery of Controlled Sub, Manufactuering a Controlled Sub, Poss Ctrl Sub w/Intent - Marij, Poss Ctrl Sub w/Intent - Meth, Poss Drug Para (Meth), Poss Drug Para(MJ), Poss of LSD$40,000.00...X
Jewett, Lionel, Richard2/29/199211/8/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Johnson, Jason, Michael11/29/197010/16/2018District Court DUI, Poss Drug Para- Marijuana, Poss of CTRL Sub- Marijuana, Preventing ArrestN/A...X
Kapp, Chad, Lee4/11/19789/15/2018District Court Failure to Transfer Title, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a P/O, Hindering L/E, Poss of Drug Para-Meth, Reckless Endangerment, Refusing to Halt, Theft of PropertyN/A...X
Kennedy, Kyle, Rollin6/3/19856/21/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Kidder, Bernard, Denver9/7/19969/21/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Kimble, Jamison, Cornellius4/23/198610/24/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Lade, Joshua, Roy3/24/197910/23/2018District Court Misapplication Of Entrusted Property, Theft Of PropertyN/A...X
Lowe, Jacquell, 12/23/19829/18/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Marsolek, Dylan, James5/26/199910/30/2018Stutsman County Poss of Ctrl Sub-Meth, Probation violation$500.00...X
Mendosa Sanchez, Jose, Antonio2/28/19978/4/2018LaMoure County Aggravated Reckless Driving, Negligent Homicide$10,000.00...X
Mickelson, Adam, Kelly4/27/198910/10/2018Stutsman County Aggravated Assault Domestic, Felonious Restraint, FTA- Violation of protection Order, Terrozing, Theft of Property, Violation of Prohibiting Contact$100,000.00...X
Miner, Robert, Sturigs4/2/19681/30/2018Dickey County Aggravated Assault (2 Counts), Child Abuse, Child Abuse (2 counts), Neglect of Child$30,000.00...X
Morberg, Stefanie, Jo6/7/197311/16/2018Cass County Cass County Hold$2,022.00...X
Murdock, Melissa, Lynn7/25/197611/15/2018Stutsman County Endangerment or Neglect of a Child, Neglect of a Cild, Poss of Drug Para-Meth$1,000.00...X
Murdock, Alan, Daniel3/20/197711/15/2018Stutsman County Child Endangerment, Child Neglect or Endangerment, Poss of Drug Para-Meth$1,000.00...X
Naasz, Amanda, Nina Leona6/20/199411/8/2018Stutsman County poss of CTRL SUB W/Intent to DeliverN/A...X
Nelson, Allison, Leigh6/8/200011/15/2018Stutsman County Poss of Drug Para-Meth (Subsequent Offense), Poss of Meth$500.00...X
Nelson, Michael, Allan7/23/198910/11/2018Griggs County Criminal Trespass-Building or Occupied Structure, Theft-Take $500-$1000N/A...X
Nicholes, Summer, Dawn9/16/198110/8/2018District Court COC (FTA), Criminal Conspiracy (2 counts), Drove in Violation of Restrictions, FTA on Disorderly Conduct, FTA on Driving in Violation of RestrictionsN/A...X
Nygaard, Scott, Dean4/20/19688/11/2017U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Odegard, Eric, Lee11/18/199310/9/2018District Court Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Poss of CTRL Sub (Meth), Poss of Drug Para (Meth)N/A...X
Olson, Leanne, Marie7/4/19849/18/2018Stutsman County DUS, FTA on DUS, FTA on multiple charges, Probation Violation$10,500.00...X
Presser, Kyle, James9/24/19859/27/2018Stutsman County Burglary, Burglary (10 Counts), COC Failed to pay backfines, False info to LE, Ingesting of Ctrl Sub x2, Poss of Drug Para-Meth, Theft of Property$15,000.00...X
Price, Justin, Lloyd12/23/198811/14/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Ruddell, Trevor, Daymion7/8/200011/8/2018Stutsman County Contributing to delinqcy of minor, Fale info to L/E, Harboring Runaway, Hindering$500.00...X
Sanders, Tiffany, Terese11/3/197811/14/2018Kidder County Probation Violaton$1,000.00...X
Schlager, Alec, Wade10/12/199811/16/2018District Court 24/7 Violation, Poss CTRL Sub Meth, Poss Drug Para- Meth$2,100.00...X
Silk, Samuel, 8/23/199011/8/2018U.S. Marshalls Hold USMN/A...X
Stiltner, Mitchell, Edward10/29/19756/14/2018U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Thommes, Jane, Florence2/14/19639/17/2018Foster County FTA Theft of Property, FTA- Concealment within a vehicle$1,000.00...X
Turner, Eric, Marcel8/24/198511/15/2018U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Wagner, William, Henry5/7/197710/27/2018Stutsman County Burglary, DUR, FTA-Simple assault, Theft of Property$750.00...X
Wangrud Eberhardt, Jacob, Ray6/17/19999/10/2018District Court Corruption or Solicitation of Minors, DOCR-HOLD, Harboring a Runaway Minor, Ingesting a Controlled Substance, Unlawful to Encourage or Contribute to the Deprivation or Delinquency of a Minor$1,000.00...X
Wear, Kyle, Lee7/19/198810/9/2018Stutsman County COC (FTC with C/S), COC (FTP Child Support), Failure to Halt, Preventing Arrest$1,288.00...X
Willocks, Lavrick, NMN5/4/198911/8/2018U.S. Marshalls Hold USMN/A...X
Yellow Lodge, Nathan, Leon3/25/199211/8/2018U.S. Marshalls Hold USMN/A...X
(Total Inmates: 67)